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Our Facilities

Our school is located on the Killyman Road in Dungannon in a former primary school which has been converted to meet the various specific needs of all our pupils.

Our ethos is HOPE, CARE and SHARE – all our facilities are designed with this in mind. There are 5 classroom areas, a state-of-the-art Multi-Sensory Room and garden area including decking area, parent’s room (where parents can relax and meet other parents and share experiences) and additional toileting areas with showers.

We have created a bright, cheerful and rich learning environment where children can gain confidence and skills needed, both now and in the future, to meet the many challenges of Cerebral Palsy.

Some parents/guardians have to remain on the premises with their children while they participate in Conductive Education. This is a chance for you to enjoy our welcoming environment, have a safe, comfortable place to relax and talk to other parents who are experiencing the same challenges.

We are recognised by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland as an independent special school. We are regularly inspected by the Education and Training Inspectorate and have achieved excellent Inspection Reports.

Oscar’s mother, Sophia

What advice would you give to parents in a similar situation to you?
“At a time when we were at our lowest Conductive Education and their focus on what Oscar could do, not on what he could not or might not do, lifted us up and gave us the encouragement and guidance we needed to help our son progress.”

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Amelia’s mother, Caroline

What advice would you give to parents in a similar situation to you?
“Early intervention is key and that has always been emphasised at Buddy Bear. Conductive Education has proven to work for Amelia and I would encourage other parents to find out more about it.”

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Sterling’s mother, Joanne

What advice would you give to parents in a similar situation to you?

“To my relief Buddy Bear Trust Conductive Education School has been a lifeline to help with CP mobility and learning development. Find out more about the school and get in touch.”

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